DesignPro Tools F.A.Q.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to Elixir DesignPro Tools. You may also contact Elixir Customer Support for assistance, using the contact information, below.  

Contact details for support:  

Support Contact Details:   1-805-641-5900 Option 3   

Q: Who do I contact if I need additional DesignPro Tools licenses or to switch my current Design Pro Tools license(s) to Elixir Technologies Corporation (“Elixir”)? 

A: If you need additional DesignPro Tools licenses or want to switch your current DesignPro Tools license(s) contact Elixir directly. 

Q: What effect will switching my DesignPro Tools licenses to Elixir have on my active licenses? 

A: Elixir will not charge you additional license fees on your license(s) for the current annual term provided you have paid the entire amount of the annual license fees to Xerox. You will only pay Elixir for additional license renewals. To switch licenses, please email a copy of your most recent paid invoice to

Once your licenses are managed by Elixir, you will have direct access to its expert Technical Support team, who will help you with any issues or questions.  

Q: What are concurrent licenses and how do they benefit my organization? 

A: A DesignPro Tools concurrent license allows you to upgrade your individual DesignPro Tools licenses to a single DesignPro Tools Plus multi-seat license that manages all your DesignPro Tools user sessions. DesignPro Tools concurrent licensing allows multiple team members to share the same license on their network domain. Please contact Elixir Sales or Support for more information about upgrading to DesignPro Tools Plus 

Q: Who do I contact about DesignPro Tools updates? 

A: Only Elixir can provide you with new updates for DesignPro Tools. To request an update, contact Elixir.  

Q: My team uses DesignPro Tools infrequently and does not know the feature set well. How can we request Elixir Professional Services for DesignPro Tools? 

A: Contact Elixir Support for information about our self-paced, and custom training options for your team or to request a quote and timeline for other services.   

Q: How do I find out about the next generation of the DesignPro Tools line of products and solutions? 

A: Elixir continues to innovate and develop state-of-the-art technologies and solutions for content and customer communication, powered by the Elixir Tango platform. Please visit, to find information about Elixir SaaS solutions and services and learn how we help customers transform digitally.  

Q: We are Interested in adding Metacode and DocuTag features. Who do we contact? 

A: Please contact Elixir Support for more information on how to upgrade to DesignPro Plus 

Q: Where can we find information about DesignPro Tools training? 

A: DesignPro Tools training is available exclusively through Elixir. Contact Elixir to request additional information.   

Q: What if I need to use my current license in a virtual environment?  

A: Virtual machine licenses are available exclusively through Elixir.  You will need to transfer your license over to Elixir and obtain new license files for use in a virtual environment. 

Q: What are the steps involved in transferring my license(s) from Xerox to Elixir?  

  1. Please contact Elixir directly via      
  2. Provide Elixir with a copy of the last Xerox invoice and license.dat file for transfer 
  3. Elixir will provide a new customer number, password and ID’s for use, along with instructions for license installation and download. 
  4. Future license renewals will be processed via Elixir   

Q: Does Elixir have a modern solution to manage forms? 

A: Yes; Elixir can show you new ways to capture and leverage variable data to personalize outbound communications. Please contact Elixir directly and set up time for a discovery session to identify your business and technical goals and challenges.