Centers of Excellence - how healthcare payers are driving member growth

Regardless of industry, nearly every organization faces increasing pressure to contain costs while finding new and more profitable ways to reach and retain customers. So how do you meet this challenge when there is need to increase savings and continue delivering a superior customer experience?  

Many organizations are developing a Center of Excellence (CoE) – a central hub that stores all of their content, best practices and training.  

What is a Center of Excellence? 

Companies are discovering they can bring together the right stakeholders, resources and process owners by setting up a CoE. A CoE allows an organization to develop and implement specific projects with high ROI, while maintaining and optimizing ongoing activities that balance longer-term strategy with the realities of day-to-day operation. 

Unique challenges for Healthcare Payers and why a CoE makes sense 

Healthcare payers face an interesting set of challenges as they go about serving their member populations. Financial resources are usually in short supply, competition is robust, and regulatory bodies have strict accountability rules and procedures. Many institutions are trying to differentiate themselves by establishing niche programs, or Centers of Excellence, focused on delivering world class care and attention to their customers.  

But developing the best products and having the best expertise won’t help if you can’t clearly communicate your advantages. 

How a Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution helps you manage member communications 

Now that you have a set of products and plans, it’s time to make sure you have a way to share this information with your customers. With thousands (maybe even millions) of existing and potential customers, sending customer communications can easily get complex and burdensome. Without the right solution, customer communications can easily get stuck in internal, complex workflows, resulting in lost opportunities – or even fines from regulatory agencies for missing deadlines. 

Organizations can easily leverage their CoE to have a strategic approach that provides a high level of attention and alignment to documents and customer communications management. A CoE allows greater control and governance over documents and communications and ensures cost saving in document systems because everything is centralized. Through a CoE, organizations can develop advanced techniques in customer communications that will deliver a superior customer experience. 

A Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform helps you easily manage all of your member communications – not only CMS compliance documents like Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), Evidence of Coverage (EOC) and Benefits Summaries – but also pre- and post-enrollment kits like welcome packages, ID Cards and provider directories.  

Elixir is helping the largest healthcare organizations manage their customer communications.

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