Centers of Excellence - How Enterprises Drive Exponential Customer Growth From Regulated Customer Communications Programs


Leading organizations in highly regulated industries like: banking, financial services, and insurance drive at-scale growth by developing a Center of Excellence (CoE) around regulated customer communications programs. What used to take weeks or months now takes hours!

Here's what the paper covers:


What is a Center of Excellence for Regulated Communications?
A CoE for regulated communications is a unified content strategy that builds the best practices, governance, and processes around regulated customer communications.


Unique Challenges for Enterprises and Why a CoE makes sense
Even leading enterprises struggle with modernizing their regulated communications for at-scale growth. Enterprises face unique challenges with legacy technology silos, stakeholders from multiple teams and departments, lack of governance and project reporting. A CoE solves for all of these problems without increasing your headcount.



How a Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform helps you improve customer experience
Beyond document management, best-in-class cloud-based CCM platforms set the foundations for hyperautomation, building  your digital ecosystem by uniting disparate teams and resources and improving governance, oversight, and technology for improved customer growth and retention.

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Elixir is a Gartner Peer insight Customer Choice
for Communication Management in 2020

"A Platform That Adapts To Your Needs And Knowledge And Allows You To Grow"

Sales & Marketing

A long time ago, a platform that optimized workflows from the cloud was necessary in our company to improve mobility and remote access to the platform, fortunately Tango + provides us with solutions in this regard as it allows us to track and control Workflows from the cloud, but the best thing is that it is a very friendly adaptable platform for those people who do not have much knowledge in this type of platforms because it adapts to their needs and allows them to have a satisfactory integration process.


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"Simple And Fast, Very Efficient In Improving Communication With Customers"

Sales & Marketing

It is the first document and workflow administration and management solution totally in the cloud, this is an outstanding functionality that has allowed our company to reduce large amounts of costs and improve the experience of our users, in addition to that, it has contributed to make the planning and regulation processes much simpler for our collaborators who have seen how the time of their tasks is optimized, allowing them to spend more time on other equally important activities.


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"Tango + Is Ideal For Complex Tasks Without Too Much Technical Knowledge"

Sales & Marketing

Tango + is a very complete communication management tool that has personally allowed me to manage workflows in a much simpler and controlled way, generally managing workflows on many other platforms can be a bit complex and even more so when you don't know He has minimal technical knowledge, that's why I like Tango +, because I can perform complex functions without having to have too much technical knowledge, it is certainly one of the things that I value Tango + the most that came to simplify my work and do things a lot more simple.


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About Elixir

Elixir automates manual work and integrates easily with other technologies and services to provide an end to end solution for the lifecycle of customer communication, including delivery through new channels and modes, without sacrificing quality or increasing cost or risk. 

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